Madden 16 CFM – Pre-E3 Part 2 | Scouting and Drafting


Next week is E3 and there are many questions from the Madden CFM Community that are being asked and I’m trying to answer them all.  A couple of questions I haven’t been getting a lot of questions about like I thought I would be are, Scouting and the Draft.

I got a chance to see Madden 16 CFM up close and personal recently and am able to talk about my thoughts as I gave my feedback with developers Kolbe Launchbaugh and John White.

If you didn’t read my “Part I | Confidence, Goals, and HUB” then you can do that now.

So in this article I’ll talk about Scouting; how it’s different from last year, scouting points, combine stats, and what that all means for the draft.




This year EA has overhauled the entire scouting process.  No more are you going through the entire draft class unlocking the attributes of your choice for a letter grade and then unlocking them again to see what the actual overall for that attribute is.  This year ‘Scouting Points’ only unlock a player’s top 3 attributes, with the 3rd unlocked attribute revealing that player’s true draft value.  When you first go into scouting you are presented with a list of players sorted by projected draft value.  You can press a button to get more details about that player and unlock the attributes or you can unlock the attributes right from the list; which is very convenient for those who just want to spend their points before the week advances.  I would have liked to see more attributes to unlock (actually suggested 6), but after going through a couple of seasons I felt 3 gave you just enough but not too much info to make the decision to draft that player a real tough decision.  Each of the players have a projected round they are projected to be drafted in but when you unlock the 3rd attribute it will reveal their true projected skill value.  For example, there is a 6’5 WR that is projected to go in the 1st round.  You unlock his top attribute for 3 points* and it’s CTH C+, you unlock his 2nd attribute for 7 points* and it’s RLS C-, you then unlock his 3rd and last attribute for 11 points* and it’s RTE C-.  Then you will get an indicator next to the player’s name telling you his true draft value is 4.  So this projected 1st round player grades out as a 4th round draft pick.   The opposite happens as well when you reveal a projected 5th rounder and he grades out to a 2nd round value.  So now that you know how it works, I was pleasantly surprised to find a good balance of “Diamonds in the Rough” and “Over Valued” players throughout the draft class.  The one thing I will say that may be tuned before the final build is the number of draft points you get to spend on scouting players each week.  I was able to (if I scouted every week and used all my points) scout about 80-85% of the draft class.  This seemed ok as I was able to find “Diamonds in the Rough” but it was just me against the CPU, it wasn’t a 32 man league where everyone is scouting and top true projected draft picks will go early.  I still don’t think it will be a problem but that will probably lessen your chance at getting a solid 5th rounder to start for your team.

The other major change is that now you lose scouting points if you don’t use them each week.  What that means if you still have 400 scouting points left when the weeks advances, only 200 of those points go over to next week.  I personally like it.  I like it because it gives those guys who like to scout an advantage over those who choose not to.  There is no auto scout and if you decide to wait till the end of the year to scout you will be at a disadvantage.  In my time with the game I did two drafts without scouting at all, by far those were my two worst drafts out of the 5.  Not only were they bad but one draft my highest overall Rookie was a 70OVR.  When I drafted every week, I did great.  One draft I drafted the #1 overall ranked player; WR 86OVR, a 83 OVR TE, 83 OVR DB, and a 77 FS.  Those were my first 4 picks and my first 3 all had SS dev traits.  Again, this was just me drafting against the CPU so I’m guessing that might not happen against 31 other teams but the scouting paid off.


Combine Reports


Remember that some of the attributes will never be shown as one of a player’s top 3 attributes. SPD, STR, ACC, AGI, JMP all will be revealed via the 6 combine events that come in the off-season and right before the draft.  The combine results include how a player stacks up against other players at his position.  So if you are looking for the WR that can jump the highest in the draft, it’s not hard to find.  Each player is also graded from 1-10 for their total Combine Report that is shown on the scouting screen as well once the combine week has arrived.

Still no draft board, so while you’ve scouted all of these players, there is still no way to focus in on the guys you really want when the draft starts.  This was extremely disappointing because it’s something the community has been wanting for a long time (ever since Madden 10). I understand that they want to get it right, to the point where you can set up your draft board and the CPU will be smart enough to draft for you, but I’d be happy with a band aid right now because sometimes that clock ticks down so fast and there was a reason why you wanted this 5’10 WR over the 6’3 one but you can’t remember what it was without looking at his combine stats and unlocked attributes again.  Give us the ability to flag the guys we really want, like our top 10.


The Draft


The draft to me is a better now in Madden 16.  One thing is now they have your team needs on the left hand side of the screen so you’ll always know what you have and what you need.  This includes the grade at that position. To me this came in handy later on in the rounds where I was trying to address a need at a position I was lacking.  The other thing that might be minor to some, is the instant gratification that happens when you pick a player.  In Madden 15, you drafted a guy but you didn’t know what his overall was until after the draft, now when you make a selection you know immediately what his attributes are including his overall.  Not only that but you also will be told if you made a ‘Excellent Pick’, ‘Good Pick’, ‘Bad Pick’, or ‘Reaching’.  So if you picked up a projected 3rd round pick in the 1st round you may get ‘Reaching’.  You’ll also get the ranking of that player in the draft.  For instance, one time I picked a WR in the 2nd round, but he was #1 in true talent (OVR) and I picked him #36 overall.  In that case I got an ‘Excellent’ for that pick.  I just think back to this years’ draft when I wanted a speed back cause I had a lot of slow RBs and I thought I drafted one, only to find out he had 89 speed after the draft was over which was an A grade in Madden 15.  Well now with the combine report and seeing the speed attribute after I make a pick that should never happen again.  Again, I didn’t draft against 31 other people while playing but I imagine the chat room in Madden 16 drafts will be filled with, “You took my guy!” or “What was his overall?”.

There will be a blog after the game is released detailing what still needs to be added to CFM, but the game is not final yet.

Continue to give me your feedback and continue to push the #CFMMovement.  The work isn’t done and is far from over so let’s keep pushing, keep asking for what we want in our CFM experience.

If you have questions that you’d like for me to ask any devs at E3 hit me up on Twitter @Shopmaster and use the hastag #AskDevs  I plan on interviewing not only Madden Devs, but Devs for NBA Live 16, NBA2K16, and Joe Montana 16.  Also if you have any questions at all hit me up as well and use the hashtag #ShopAtE3


*(points may vary in final build)