Is EA Access a Better Value Now?


When EA Access was first announced it was met with a bunch of criticisms and gamers yelling that “EA is greedy”, but now as time has passed on and new games have been added to the vault the tide seems to have turned.  For those that don’t know, EA Access is a service for XBOX One owners that allow them to play selected EA Games all year long for $4.99/mo. or just $29.99/yr.  Not only do you get to play selected games free but you also got to play new games coming out for EA days before their release.

There were limited games and the amount of time to play new games were limited to 6 hours but still offered you a way to try before you buy. Both the game selection and the time trial seemed to have increased lately bringing up the question; Is EA Access a better value than when it was first launched.

Here are the titles that are in the vault right now that you can play as much as you want if you have this service:

  • Titanfall
  • Battlefield 4
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
  • NBA Live 15
  • Madden NFL 15
  • NHL 15
  • FIFA 15
  • FIFA 14
  • Peggle 2
  • UFC
  • Need for Speed rival
  • Madden  25

Not only do you get those games but it looks like you’ll be able to play upcoming games before they launch for 10 hours now instead of 6.  The last game that was opened up to try was Battlefield: Hardline and that was for 10 hours and now there is news that PGA Tour will also be available for 10 hours prior to release for EA Access members as well.  No official word on if this is how it will be for all games as the EA Access website has not made any official statement.  The increase in time is great for those who really want to get a head start on the online competition but also for those who want to try it before they buy it.  I forgot to mention you also get 10% on all Digital pre-orders, full game downloads, Season Passes, and DLC.

In my opinion it seems like a no brainer to get the EA Access if you are a sports fan and own a XBOX One, but what do you think?

Comment below weather or not you think the EA Access is worth buying now with more games and an increase in trial time?