Madden 16 Clutch Play: Full House Wide PA Packer Posts


Football is all about X’s and O’s and so should Madden NFL 16.  Call the right play at the right time and get an edge on the competition.

We asked the Madden NFL 16 development team to share their best clutch plays in the game.

Recommended By: Clint Oldenburg, Madden NFL Designer and former NFL player

Play Name: Full House Wide PA Packer Posts (Green Bay Packers)

When to run it: This is a Play-Action play that has 6 blockers faking a run and two wide receivers running deep post-routes. It’s an ideal play for 2nd or 3rd and short down-and-distance situations.

Why It Works: This is a great play to use our new “Playmaker” mechanics, especially with the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson. The play-fake gets the linebackers to bite up towards the line of scrimmage when they react to the run, and this creates a nice window for the WR post-route on the left.

Throw the ball as the receiver crosses the face of the defensive back, ideally using a bullet pass lead out in front, and the RAC catch mechanic (X on Xbox One / Square on PlayStation) to get a quick turn up the field and split the safeties for a big play. It’s one of those plays that’s a threat to go to the house any time its run against the right coverages.

What playbook are you looking forward to seeing in Madden NFL 16?
Source: LiveToPlay