Trade Tamba Hali now! | Madden 16 Player Ratings and Team Projections – KC


In this Madden 16 Player Ratings and Team Projections we take a look at the Kansas City Chiefs.  After the WR corps for the Chiefs couldn’t muster one single TD all season you’d figure there would be some major changes.  Bowe is out and Maclin is in but that’s the least of your worries.  Pressing against the salary cap, you’ll need to cut ties with some veterans if you take the Chiefs in Madden 16 CFM.

Key Losses:

– Dwayne Bowe
– Anthony Fasano
– Vance Walker

Key Additions:

+ Jeremy Maclin

It’s never too early to start looking at Madden NFL 16 Player Ratings and Team Projections. Thanks to the community who have created a roster file with over 350 Free  NFL Agent Transactions and 58 NFL Draft Picks we can do just that.

In this series I will be going through the teams with all of the changes and talking about what that team did during free agency and via the draft that made them a better team in Madden.  We’ll go through depth chart and move guys around and show some Gameplay of that team with the pieces in place.

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– I’m using Dmitry0811’s Roster Update PS4
– Winner for the last video is Mike Gifford and Kyle Gilooly

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