Madden 16 Clutch Play: Gun Trips Y Iso: Pats Y Stutter

Football is all about X’s and O’s and so should Madden NFL 16.  Call the right play at the right time and get an edge on the competition.
The Madden 16 Developers and Designers were asked for their best plays in Madden NFL 16.

Recommended By: Larry Richart, Designer

Play Name: Patriots: Gun- Trips Y Iso: Pats Y Stutter

When to run it: I love this play as it gives you a bunch of different options. This is a play that came straight from the Super Bowl as the Patriots scored on this on a Tom Brady to Rob Gronkowski TD pass.  This new “Shot Play” allows you to take advantage of our new pass mechanics by throwing a high pass to Rob Gronkowski on the stutter curl and go route. If Gronk is double-covered, you can quickly look back at Julian Edelman on the underneath crossing route. On the backside of the trips set, you have a hitch seam concept that gives you two more viable options if Gronk and Edelman are covered.

Why It Works: This play has a great chance of working, like it did in the Super Bowl, when you get a LB matched up against Gronkowski on the outside. Gronk versus a linebacker is a mismatch already, but add in his height and the ability to throw the ball high where only he can get it, makes this very tough to defend in 1-on-1 coverage. If the defense double-covers Gronk, the backside crossing route to Edelman in the slot if a great secondary option. If you get a zone coverage, you can throw a low pass to keep Edelman from taking a big shot over the middle

Source: LiveToPlay
Guys, I’m hearing ratings will be coming out this week … time to start the hype for Madden 16.