Aaron Rodgers is a Baaaad Man! | Madden 16 CFM Packers Breakdown


In this Madden 16 Player Ratings and Team Projections we take a look at the NFC North Green Bay Packers who I think will win the NFC North even though they basically made no moves in the off season via FA. They still have a capable “Baaaaad Man” Aaron Rodgers, so I guess they’ll be alright.

Key Losses:

– AJ Hawk
– Devon House
– Tramon Williams

Key Additions:


It’s never too early to start looking at Madden NFL 16 Player Ratings and Team Projections. Thanks to the community who have created a roster file with over 350 Free  NFL Agent Transactions and 58 NFL Draft Picks we can do just that.

In this series I will be going through the teams with all of the changes and talking about what that team did during free agency and via the draft that made them a better team in Madden.  We’ll go through depth chart and move guys around and show some Gameplay of that team with the pieces in place.

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– I’m using Dmitry0811’s Roster Update PS4
– Winner for the last video is 904Epic

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