Will the deep ball be a problem in Madden 16? – Top 5 Quarterbacks


In this Madden 16 Video we take a look at the Top 5 QBs in Madden NFL 16 and their ratings. There is no question that with the RB, speed changed and now with the QBs it seems the Deep Accuracy has changed. With the highest Deep Throw Accuracy in the game being an 80 (Aaron Rodgers) how will this affect the game especially when so many people were looking to use aggressive and high point passes this year. Join me on twitter @Shopmaster all day as we discuss.

1. Aaron Rodgers – 99 OVR
2. Tom Brady – 97 OVR
3. Drew Brees – 95 OVR
4. Ben Rothlisberger – 95 OVR
5. Andrew Luck – 94 OVR

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