Madden 16 Patch #1 Details – Many CFM Issues Fixed


Whooo hooo! The long await for a patch to fix some of the problems plaguing Madden 16 CFM has finally arrived for the PS4 and XBOX One. So let’s get straight to the details.

CFM Fixes:

  1. Addressed issue where players could receive over 100+ confidence resulting in short-term attribute boost. [There was an issue where if you were blowing someone out, you’d gain so much confidence that
  2. Tuned regression for offensive lineman.  [Offensive lineman were taking big time hits during the season and losing as much as -10 PBK and RBK]
  3. Tuned rookie deep accuracy. [Rookie QBs in the draft were coming in with higher DAC than most of the veteran and good QBs already in the league.  The highest DAC is Rodgers and Ryan with 80 DAC and rookies were coming in at 82 sometimes.]
  4. Tuned supersim stats where pocket quarterbacks were generating too many rushing attempts [There was definitely a problem with QBs running too much when you simmed games.  I remember the first season I played I only played about 8 of the 16 starting QBs because the others were injured for running.]
  5. Addressed issue where team could sign elite free agents for a low amount
  6. Addressed issue where some free agents would disappear from the free agent pool

There are still some outstanding issues like the speed of rookie class, not being able to use defensive custom playbooks, the releasing of players before people are invited to the league, etc ….

I’m hoping these get patched soon.  I’m pretty sure the rookie class thing will take affect even for leagues that have started but I’m not sure about the others.  Let’s keep monitoring CFM for any issues and if you have some, please be sure to post them on so we can get them to the devs.

There were some gameplay and MUT related fixes as well and can be viewed here.