Madden 16 Title Update #2 – Addresses Accelerated Clock Not Resigning Issues


The 2nd Madden 16 Title Update is out and CFM fans were hoping that it solves some of the still glaring issues with that mode in order to run a successful franchise without any headaches or workarounds.  Unfortunately the title update only addresses a few of the big problems but does address the problem with accelerated clock.

Here are the CFM Update Details of the 2nd Title Update:


  • Addressed issue where defensive holding slider would reset when exiting the screen
  • Addressed issue where accelerated clock would not work in H2H CFM games
  • Addressed issue where visual feedback settings were pulling from the user’s profile instead of league settings
  • Addressed issue where some settings would carry back to the FE after playing a CFM game
  • Addressed issue where the CPU would retain an empty roster spot when simming to the regular season when there is a player on Injured Reserve (note: changes aren’t reflected until after your current season is finished)
  • Addressed issue where the user could not sort player while in the Fantasy draft board
  • Removed Kick Return as a scoutable trait (note: changes won’t be reflected until after your current season is finished)
  • CFM Trade tuning
  • Addressed issue in CFM H2H where uniforms would change back to default home/away even after changing them in the team select screen
  • Addressed a rare issue that caused some Franchise files to be corrupted, preventing players from accessing their CFM (note: this won’t repair already corrupted files, and only prevents future occurrences)

Most of these do not require a restart but may need the current season to finish in order to take affect.

Some of the still glaring issues in CFM that don’t seem to be addressed are:

  • Contract re-signing where you couldn’t sign players no matter how much money you threw at them
  • WRs still coming in with high speed
  • CFM Games being played but not counting
  • FA still dropping

Please, Please join the and let’s team up to make our voices heard … together we can make a difference.