EA Releases the Official Madden NFL 18 Gameplay Trailer – Breakdown


The community had been waiting for the gameplay trailer even before EA Play and with less than a month before people will be able to play Madden NFL 18 for the first time via EA Access on August 17th, EA releases something that will ease the masses.

The trailer shows off the Frostbite Engine in the beginning with a look into the stadium.  The crowd is going wild and then they show player entrances with smoke, fire, and fireworks. Then the video goes into the 3 main pillar features of Madden 18; Target Passing, DB/WR Interaction, and Blocking and Tackling.

While some say they wanted to see more, I thought the video was well put together and showed exactly what needed to be shown for a gameplay trailer. We probably will not see any 11 on 11 actual gameplay footage of any significance until a week before the release.

Hope you enjoyed my breakdown of the trailer.