Understanding Target Passing in Madden NFL 18


It’s no doubt that the “Target Passing” is the biggest feature in Madden NFL 18.  It’s also no doubt the most complicated as well.  If you want to compete competitively it’s almost a must that you master the mechanic of the “Target Passing” feature.  EA released a blog about the “Target Passing” mechanic; it’s benefits and how to use it.

Benefits of using “Target Passing” in Madden NFL 18

There are 5 benefits to using the “Target Passing” mechanic that will give you a leg up on those who refuse or can’t master it and they are as follows:

  1. See exactly where the ball is going to go before the throw – This will allow you to accurately pinpoint exactly where your receiver will get the ball.
  2. Lead shallow routes up the field before reaching the sideline – lead drag routes and RB swing routes down the field to an open area and your receiver will adjust, allowing you to create even more separation and unique route combinations.
  3. Place the ball between zones, forcing your receiver to throttle down – place the ball on the back shoulder to make receivers sit in between zones instead of making them run into another zone defender.
  4. Lead the ball to where only your receiver can get it – put the target in the back of the endzone where only your receiver has a chance to get it.  Most beneficial in red zone opportunities
  5. Throw timing routes before the cut or even while your receiver is being pressed – Throw the ball even before the route breaks out of the cut even while being pressed and it will greatly make it almost unstoppable to guard defensively.


How to use the “Target Passing” Mechanic in Madden NFL 18

Check the video above for a demonstration.

  • Select your primary receiver: Pre-play, activate coach cam with RT/R2, and press the button of the desired receiver to make him the Primary Receiver on the play.
  • Bring up your target:  After the snap, hold LT/L2 and your target will come up as your Primary Receiver.
  • Move the target:  Use LS to move your target. As your target changes the QB will turn to face the target.
  • Switch Targeted Receiver:  While holding LT/L2, press the button of a receiver other than the receiver that is currently targeted, and the target will switch to that receiver.
  • Throw to Receiver:  Press the button of the receiver icon that is displayed. Use the same throw mechanics for lob, touch, and bullet.
  • Neutral Target Passing:  If you release LT/L2, then it becomes Neutral Target Passing. This allows you to press the button of the desired receiver and throw to him immediately instead of having to switch the target, then throw.
  • Turn Off Target Passing:  Simply press LT/L2 again and you turn off the Target Passing mechanic.

Note: Now that Target Passing is on LT/L2, low pass controls have changed. You now hold LB/L1 to activate the high low modifier, and push LS up or down to throw high or low.

At EA Play there wasn’t a receiver indicator that showed you where the receiver would be in relation to the target indicator.  I think this is huge and in my opinion shortens the gap between players. It will be easier to use with this new addition.

Now that you have a better understanding of the “Target Passing” and the benefits it will give you in Madden NFL 18 what do you think? Is it something you will take the time to master or will you try to live without it.  Let me know in the comment section below.